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There are several reasons why we are asked to transfer photos to DVD. Sometimes customers just want to have all of their family images safely stored in one spot in case of fire etc..

By having them on DVD, it is also easy to make multiple copies to share with family members.

Over 2,000 high resolution images, suitable for printing high quality photos, can fit on 1 DVD. You can also use your DVD player to view these photos on your TV. The cost for a straight transfer of your photos to DVD is shown in the table below.

Tell a Story
Often people will ask us to create a special memories DVD for them. It could be for an anniversary, birthday, retirement or a memorial service. We have produced everything from a 30 image 3 min video to a 2 hour life story. We are very creative and take great care to match the images to appropriate music, dissolves, special effects etc.. Photos, slides, newspaper clippings, old film and video can all be incorporated into the final production. Cost is based on the time involved. To give you an idea, a 10 minute DVD with 100 photos, complete with music would cost 275.00. At the other end of the scale, a 2 hour life story with 1000 photos, various film clips, sound effects etc.. could cost 3,000.00.


Transfer Photos to DVD


The cost for a straight transfer of your photos to DVD is shown in the table below.
Tell us what you need and we'll provide a quote and help you get started.


Less than 100 photos

.50 each

100 - 500 photos .40 each  
500 photos or more .30 each  

Remember, we pay shipping costs for orders over 200.00.
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