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At Transfer to DVD we offer video transfer and conversion services to and from most formats, such as VCR
and VHS tapes, 8mm film, Super 8mm film and home movies, Video8 and Hi8 video tapes, Beta and even Mini DV. We handle all formats. Like most of us, you likely shot video of your family during Christmas or vacations, birthday parties etc.. You may have those memories saved on VHS tapes or some other video format that you are no longer able to view. We can transfer your tapes to DVD before they are lost forever. The last major Hollywood release on VHS was in 2006, and the players are now no longer sold in stores. The same goes for other video formats such VHSC, video 8 and Hi8. Perhaps your family library dates even further back and you have boxes of old reel film, 8mm or Super 8mm. We can save those treasured memories for you to DVD as well.

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